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January 14, 2021

Oregon remains one of only two states in the nation to fully shut down health & fitness facilities

Oregon is one of only two states in the Nation to have fitness facilities fully shuttered. And there is ZERO evidence showing transmission is happening in gyms following CDC protocols. At the peak of the pandemic, nearly all health and fitness clubs were closed in the United States. Data from the Physical Activity Council showed that roughly half of all Americans reported a decline in physical activity while health and fitness centers were closed; 57% of U.S. members said they were less active while their fitness clubs were closed. Health clubs play an essential role in the physical fitness and well-being of consumers.

Now, more than ever, healthy habits, including regular exercise, are critical for overall well-being and heightened immunity. Health club members are aware of the benefits of regular activity along with the vital role their fitness centers play in safeguarding health. In the U.S., only 35% of health club members were confident that they could maintain exercise while their clubs were closed, barring them from engaging in regular activity for better health and immunity. In India, 91% of health club members believe that fitness plays a vital role in boosting immunity and protection against infectious diseases. Virtually all health club members in India (96%) indicate missing their workouts at the gym.

All recent studies including one out of our own University of Oregon, Oregon Consulting Group concluded no statistical correlation between gym usage and the spread of COVID-19. Based on data, the transmission rate of COVID-19 in gyms worldwide is less than .006%. Yet the fitness industry is being made out to be part of the problem, not part of the solution.

It is our responsibility as citizens of a civilized nation to protect others from COVID-19 and do our part to slow or stop the transmission of the virus. But exercise, and fitness facilities, and professionals are part of the solution.

Help us get gyms open in our state in a safe and limited way, even in extreme risk counties, by clicking this link and letting our representatives know you believe fitness is essential. And please go like the theOregon Health & Fitness Facebookpage to help spread information about fitness, the safety measures being taken by gyms and how people can get involved in helping the health and well-being of Oregonians.

We encourage you to share this one click advocacy tool with your fellow club members through email, your social media channels or whatever means you have available. As of this morning, nearly 5200 Oregonians have taken this action to have their voices heard. The more voices advocating for reopening our facilities, the more powerful we will be!

This message provided to you by Dianna, fellow club owner/operator in Oregon and Oregon Health and Fitness Alliance Board Member.  Clubs in Oregon (in Counties designated as Extreme Risk) are NOT ALLOWED TO OPEN!   Help fight against this injustice & open ESAC!    



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Any Questions, please contact Becky at 503-659-3845


Milwaukie Club  503.659.3845                     Clackamas Club 503.659.3846. 


Do you attend ActiveAdult Strength, SilverSneakers and/or Silver&Fit Classes?
Here are just 5 important benefits from (and reasons that you should participate in) strength training:

1. Improve functional strength & flexibility - for your daily activities, and making you less vulnerable to falls or other injuries. 
2. Increase bone mass and density - help protect against osteoporosis.
3. Build muscle strength - adults lose between 5-7 pounds of muscle every decade after age 20!
4. Lower body fat - research in strength training has demonstrated a 4-lb. fat loss after 3 months of training
5. Reduce resting blood pressure. 
For more information, click HERE or talk to your instructors Barb or Becky

We look forward to seeing YOU in class! :)

ActiveAdult Exec

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