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FITGROUPS - Small Group Training


Fitgroups are designed specifically for busy, working families and individuals who want to get the most out of their workouts!

  • If you want variety, these sessions have it.
  • If you want a challenging workout, be prepared to be put to the test.
  • If you simply need more accountability to get here for your workouts, your team will hold you to it!

Find a time that works for you, find a group with the focus most closely related to what you are looking for,  and get signed up! There literally has not been a single preson that regrets it, at least not that they have told us!



CHOOSE YOUR GROUP - Clackamas Location


FITCAMP - Patrick

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 5:15-6pm

Patrick is back and ready to roll. His energy and creative programming make his group workouts one-of-a-kind.  Give it a shot and you won't believe how much fun you can have while wokring out and getting RESULTS!

Functional fanatics - Chris C.

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 9:15-10am

Are you a weekend warrior? Do you love hiking and other outdoor activities? This is the FitGroup for you, with a focus on overall strength, endurance, and flexibility that allows your body to keep doing what you love. Chris even throws in some foam rolling to help those muscles recover and avoid any downtime from injury!

Lunch time Fitness - James

Time: Tuesday/Thursday 12-12:45pm

Do you struggle to fit workouts before or after work? Struggle no more! Meet up with James and this lunch time group to get a killer workout regardless of age or fitness level. With a focus on balance, core strength, and postural strength, you will feel the incredible difference in just a matter of weeks. 

Senoir Fitgroups - Donna

Time: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (Choose 1 day to attend)

Just what it sounds like, our amazing senoir programs coordinator, Donna, takes no pity on using age as an excuse. She is 71 years young herself, so she know s a thing or two about aging well and how to keep your body feeling its best. A combination of flexibility, movement, strength training, and endurance training will give you the ability to stay independent for many, many more years to come. 


Time: Monday & Friday 11:45am - 12:15pm (Runs September 30th-December 20th)

Donne teaches Yang 24 form for a 12 week session. The calming, fluid movements of Tai Chi will improve balance and flexibility while reducing stress. It is a perfect compliment to a good strength training routine. Inquire at the Service Desk with any questions. 

Youth FitGroups

It is extremely important for youngsters to get the activity their body needs. To often we allow more time sitting then moving, and that is not the healthiest thing for kids. ESAC is putting a big emphasis on getting kids out of the chair and setting their bodies up for a healthy adulthood. The importance of  building the appropriate systems within the body cannot be understated.  There are many diseases now such as diabetes that can start at young ages and have a terrible life-long effect if not dealth with. Invest in your childs health and their body  will thank you for it many times over. 

Getting Started at East Side Athletic Clubs