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Click on the options below to access workout videos made by your very own Fitness Coaches! Also check them out on our YouTube Page.

Cardio Circuit Training Workouts

Cardio BURN with James

 Full Body Cardio Circuit Workout with Stephanie

Stephanie's Full Body Superset Workout (Weights Optional)

Stretch Circuit with James & Stephanie

Workout #1 with Kirsten's Family

Workout #2 with Kirsten's Family 

Workout #3 with Kirsten's Family  

Workout #4 with Kirsten's Family 

 Calisthenics (Bodyweight) with James

Strength Training Circuit Workouts

Core Circuit Workout with James

Lower Body Circuit with James

Upper Body Circuit with James (Weights Optional)

5 Minute Quad Circuit with James 

5 Minute Hamstring Circuit with James

Active Adult Workouts

Active Adult Cardio  with Becky

Active Adult Cardio #2 with Becky 

Active Adult Cardio  #3 with Becky (Chair and Weights Optional!)

Ener-Chi #1 with Becky

Ener-Chi #2 with Becky



Gentle Yoga with Becky 

Yoga with Shannon (Full Body Power Yoga Flow)

Yoga with Shannon

Yoga with Shannon #2

Spin with Mike and Brian

Zone 1-3 (30 minutes)


 Active Adult Workouts w/ Silver Sneaker Coach

Compound Moves for Total Body Training

Total Body Conditioning

Skills and Drills for Fall Prevention

Top 10 Strength Moves

7 Core Exercises

Getting Up and Down off the Floor Safely

3 Exercises for Better Balance

Exercise Tutorials


Deadlift/Single Leg Deadlift